Lara Became Too Much Serious

Tired Of All Work

My Study life became to much busy after entering the University and i supposed i was too much tired from it and can’t get a break.My day routine was too much busy which includes University Studies,Home Tasks,House Works,Sports and then Sleep.I thought that my life became to busy and i don’t have a chance to enjoy it.And life with so poor condition is of no worth.So i decided to skip the Sports from my routine and that effected my health too much,And i were becoming fat time by time.I just want a break in my life so i told that to my parents and they said that they will organize a tour for me which i accepted and that was the Tour to Grand Canyon.Which is too deep.And it’s Depth is about 1 miles and is one of the Wonders in the World.And believe me that accepting that tour was a great thing for me and i enjoyed it too much.And we also had given a boat to surf on the river and that was too much fun and Dad was shouting with fear while on that boat and we were all laughing by seeing him.

Fun Never Ends

And after that we went to a luxurious Hotel were we talk about our whole tour and dad was in shock that how did he survived because the pressure of water in that river was too much.Mom And Dad makes my every wish true so i have to make their dreams true and that is another reason that why i am working so hard.On my return after 3 days,My Teacher asked me to give them the leave Application which i submitted and they told me that with life these things are also necessary and encouraged me.I went to the Dean after A class to show him the Application and he told me that it’s Okay.Sometimes you need to go to feel to open Air this is part of life.And i told my friends of about all my journey from the Start to End and they laughed to much with my small jokes in that story i told them.And today i bought them all lunch from the MASS and they became more happy,And told me that i am a good person from the Inside.

Something Strange

After Mass i just felt a strange thing that Lara was attached with me so much and now she was trying more hard to come near me and move ahead of friendship but i want to give her that position.But in the MASS she sat very close to me and starred me in the eyes when i was talking with my friends and that was the strange thing.I decided that i will talk with Lara about all this and tell her everything.I asked my friend George about Lara and he told me that she is strange in this Town she came in this town only for education,she lives with her grandmother over 2 blocks from university.And i thought that maybe she was alone like me,So i better prefer myself not to interfere in these matters and let the time pass how it pass.At the Ending of the Day,She came to me and asked me to leave her home and i did not refused and we talk with laughter in all the way to her home,And she told me that before coming here,Her 2 friends also wanted to get here but they could not got the admission so she has no friend here except me.I felt that i have found someone else like me,And by talks we reached her home.And from nowhere she hugged me tightly like she was too much alone and want someone the help her out with that and i too felt good with that.And then she went to the door of the House by saying “Goodbye” to Me.