New Partner


When i went home that day by leaving Lara at her house,i will not tell the lie.I loved that moment and missed it to much.And Lara was a new Part of my life and next day when i went to university,she was waiting for me at the main gate.The first thing she asked me was,did i do anything wrong.And i said nothing,You did what you thought was right and kind of frankly is suppose i felt good after that on hearing this her cheeks became pink with shy and i thought what did i said?.And then we went to our Class,Our friends don’t know Lara well so i introduced her a my new friend to my friends and they Welcomed her.And she told me that she is feeling good with me and thanked me for my Company,Me and Lara sat together in the Class and study together,And our bond became strong and So does the time passes,Lara told me her interest which was of writing stories and reading books which was far away from me,I appreciated her.I and Lara sometimes go to the Stadium to see the Football match and to see Coach Bobby.Lara thought that i was too much funny.I told her About Sarah And HARRY cause i don’t want to leave her without telling these characters in my life and she felt sad for me and told me that she also misses her family and will go to see them next weekend.

A Little Break

Lara’s Grandmother makes a great blueberry pie and there is no one who don’t like blue berries.And i sometime go to her house with her and her Grandmother was very sweet and she also knew me and my parents.And told me that her husband was a great friend of my grandfather.And we hear the stories which her grandmother tells us and was very great and funny to hear,Her husband died in an accident with her son,And misses them both.Lara’s father was a sale assistant in a company,Which was a good job.And most of the time when i used to see Lara she was writing something in a brown Diary and she do not want me to read it and not even allow me to touch it.And the after the school as i took my every close friend to a place and guess what i took her to and that was ‘Coffee Shop’.And she was very delighted after going there and we had a hell of a Coffee.University was too much easy then the high school and we should accept that.

Back to Life

And we fall in deep friendship,And text each other through cell phones all the time and the weekend came and as her words she will go to see her parents and will be out of town for 3 days and she promised me to text me regularly.And from her text i came to know that she was very happy to see her parents after a long period and i felt happy for her.I thought it is very difficult to live without your parents even i could not live without my parents.And she came back after 3 days and was back to life.