University Was Too Much Small Period

Pass Out

And after all the Fuss and Hard work of 4 Years i passed out of University with Excellent GPA and Grades and my many friend became accomplished with me.And Other just went to waste their Another Year.And how can we Miss LARA in this time.LARA was also with me and we also had a Farewell in the University,And the institution with no party at the end of a year is very ridiculous.So our University took that Party out of the level and gave us an Opportunity to enjoy the best party of all.And we enjoyed it very well.Our parents were invited for the speech and i was the main student of that speech and Our dean said me,”You are my Best Shot”.And after that i gave a speech from my heart and in which i told that no one should lose hope.This world is too much scary and it will try to move you back but you have stay strong and say to it that it is my life and i will live with it.And after that speech a great hand of applause was given to me by the folk.

Our Party Time

After a encouraging speech,We split our hats in the sky to ensure that there was no more education after this and that was a symbol of leaving an education institute and also a moment of great fun.And then comes the Party which was given to us by the University and the main rule was that in that party no parents and no staff person was allowed,it was only for students,so they can do what ever they want to do and in that party i was like free from the race with a most important certificate of my life in which it was written that i passed a one step of the Race and got a great progress in that and when i hold that certificate i feel proud at myself and feel lucky to come alive from that Race.And that party was full of many games like Chess,Sing a song and most of all TRUTH OR DARE.Me and Lara Enjoyed very much in that Party after all the games it was the time to Dance and that was a great moment of my life in which i cannot forget anything or any step i did.First it was the Party dance in which all the students were doing irregular dancing and non-professional steps,actually that was the dance which was out of order and done by a person in extreme excitement.

The Dance

And my Friends pushed me in that dance and ask me to show them my move,As you know i was a very good actor and got much skills,So it is obvious that i know how to dance and as a result it came to know that i danced much worst them all and all laughed at me,But who cares it was the end of University and if the Laughs so what matters,i do not think we are even going to meet at any point of Life after this.So it was very special day for me.And then one of my Friends played a real dance song,Slow song in which i stood and asked Lara to come and join me and she suddenly stood up and grabbed my hand and then we danced and those steps and when i look into her eyes i saw that fear of the last moment of our friendship and then she asked me if ever meet her again and i said that are you free tomorrow she said no i am going to my parent’s.And i said are you going to come back and she replied,”Time knows”.And then i said that i will come to Visit you sometimes.And then the Dance was over with a great pleasure and then came the Hugging part.Which was very emotional and i felt very sad for losing my friends but we have to move on and we promised each other to gather at that day next year,if we will be alive.And then i Walked Lara home,At that time i felt like that moment when i walked with Sarah at home.So i was very sad because after her i got no close friend.But i have to let her go.