Tricks to get Adsense Approved in Less Time

Tricks to get Adsense Approved in Less Time

Welcome Again To this Magnificent Website.First of all i am going to tell you what we are doing here?,So the answer to that is,We are here to provide you information to all the difficulties that you face in the work of Blogging or something else and a person should know the things around him and he should be aggressive to his work and to be that we are here to give you some tips on that.Keep on reading because this topic will be very helpful to you.And Know that we are providing 100% true information and we never lie to Our Viewers.

Information to Google Adsense

What are Google Adsense?

Google Adsense are those ads which you see on some famous Websites when you visit them and that is the way they earn from Google and Google pays the Owner of the site according to his CPC(cost Per click) And CPM(cost Per impression).Every Website Owner wants it’s Website approved from google but that is not too simple,You gotta have to follow a path which Google ask you to follow.

First of all i am going to tell you that what google wants to give approval to a site.Google wants good numbers of content and regular posting on the Site.The style of the site must be good in looking and does not contains adult stuff or the things that violates the Google community.Simple thing is that google never wants it’s viewer to get poor thing in front of them and they will not promote the thing which will disturbs the Viewer.And Google is not a Small thing it contains another World in it.Keep on Reading “Tricks to get Adsense Approved in Less Time”.


Google needs Content on the Website and i suggest you to add that  Content through Posting not by using some plugins because the Posting thing provide you many opportunities.And Add as much content as possible before applying to google adsense your website must have more then 20 Post which consist of more then 500 words per post and as much content your website has as fast the google will take to approve that.And Google rules are very Strict and becoming strict day by day so try to be careful by doing any mistakes and do not try to give fake traffic to it because when google finds that out they will be very angry and it is more possible that they will Ban your domain.So don’t take chances.And Google knows everything that you are doing.And Your Blog must be unique and beautiful copying Other Website’s Content is strictly not allowed and they will directly send you mail of SCRAP data that means that you stole content of other website and it is also a Cyber crime.