Scrap Content Error in Google Adsense Or Policies Violations

Scrap Content Error in Google Adsense Or Policies Violations

In this Article we are going to talk about Scrap data which is a very common problem we face in Google Adsense.And it sure violates the Policies because the Word SCRAP means Copied,Used content.That means we are using content that is Live on some other website which is sure against the rules and google will not allow to show it’s ads on that website which uses copied data because that website will not be secured.However if you make a little changing in it and you will think that now you are safe but that’s not right.Google took account of every action that is going on Internet and every Website.And that is not possible that it cannot this kind of mistake to pass by.Because Google Always Thought which is best for it’s users and they will pay the same to that person who is making how much happy the visitors on his sites by his fabulous contents.

What is Scrap Data?

Scrap data is basically that data which we copy from other sites and then paste it in ours and i am sure that this is not a good thing.Google knows everything and it knows how much in percentage do we copied a data of other site.And they will not allow this kind of Content.Because that is wrong with that person from who’s site we copied the content and tried to paste it into ours.And you are not going to solve “Scrap Content Error” by this way.So keep on reading for the Best Solution.

How to Solve this Problem?

It is known that when google ask you this kind of error then your that gmail email cannot be use again for adsense approval and they sends you a mail in which it is clearly written that you have violates their policies and they are not going to approve adsense on that site until you place that scrap content with 100% Unique Content and that is hard work and shortcuts are not good for us.Hard work gives you it’s Sweet fruit.A content which you will write must be Unique and special,Which should not be abusive.I recommend you to write article by your Own and that is good for us not by copying other because it is too much wrong by stealing someone’s hardwork.And this is the Only way to get out of “Scrap Content Error”.

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