Keyword Research Tricks

In this Article i am going to tell your about Key Research Tricks which are not told very commonly but are very much affected.These tricks can help you rank your website in search engine very fast,Cause as i told these tricks are not common.and are very rare.So take advantage of this Information.So without wasting anymore time lets head to our main topic.

                             Lets Begin


First thing that you must do is search any word that comes in your mind that you search in google or other search engines and then take a look in the Number of pages of that keyword.If it has large google numbers of pages,it means that the keyword difficulty is high and it will be hard for you to rank that keyword.So my suggestion is to leave that but if you want to participate.I will require very much hardwork,and Lots of backlinks to even come in the top 10.And when you set any keyword on top 10.Your Job is done and you have to wait for the People to reach you.And if you found a keyword in which there are less number of pages and domain linking to that keyword.And you think that large number of people search for that Keyword,then i will be a golden chance for you to rank that keyword.

Now the Next step is to do is that see your competitor Websites and think if you can compete with those websites.And note the DA(Domain Authority) of those websites and the backlinks of your competitor domain through Moz web linking tool which is free.And when you see a green light that your competitor website is weak and you can easily rank your website higher then him then go for it.BooyaaH! You found a Great Research Keyword.

Next step is to Write an Article and this is a very necessary thing for your website.Ranking of an Article not only depends on the Seo but the most important of that is the Article and how it is written and how it looks.Google is very strict on it’s Rules and want to give it’s Visitor the best result it can give.So take a Example of your friends to whom you always want to show a thing on which they can say Wow not those things on which the feel itchy.Clean your Article will be the Cleaner the Ranking of Google will be.And Note that Google knows Everything so you cannot hide from it.

Images plays an important role in an Article and gives a excellent impression of a Visitor of that Website.So don’t hurry in writing an Article take your time but write a Article which can amaze anyone who sees it.And that’s it.if you follow these tips you will get your website rank in few days.And remember always make your search engines happy.Cause making them sad going to hurt you bad and your website of course.So that’s it. Hope you Liked It and it was helpful for you.

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