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2. Banner photo of Aire

Clicking on the banner photo will open the image in a new tab/browser. Clicking a second time allows you to zoom in, pan around and study the Aire in detail. All panoramas were taken from the roof of our camper van whilst parked in the Aire - they are not third party images. These photos are also geo-located in Panoramio (at, and in Google Earth.

3. Review page - Static Map

This map is centred on the exact location of either the Aire or its entrance. It uses the same co-ordinates as our SatNav POI file. It is intended to assist you if navigating with a roadmap and a printout of the review page.

4. Review page - Interactive Map

Some phone models may offer limited or no functionality with this feature.

Directly below the static map is a second map centred on the same co-ordinates, but with interactive features that allow you to explore the immediate surroundings, including movement, zooming, satellite imagery, terrain mapping, and some basic Google Earth functionality.

5. Review page - Larger map/Streetview link
BEST VIEWED WITH GOOGLE MAPS APP - click here for details

Some phone models may offer limited or no functionality with this feature.

This link opens a new tab/browser with a full page version of the map centred on the Aire's location, with interactive controls, and Google Streetview enabled. Drag the orange 'pegman' icon onto the map area to see if there is any Streetview coverage. If so, blue highlighting will indicate the extent (if any). Dragging and dropping pegman on a blue highlighted street or road will switch to a ground level 360 degree panoramic photo of the surroundings that you can navigate around and through. If you see blue highlighted dots on the map, these are third party still images of the area, geo-located via the Panoramio image gallery website.

6. Aire title - GPS co-ordinates

Displayed in decimal format near the top of the page, these are the co-ordinates of the Aire or its entrance (the two aren't always identical) based on our SatNav POI file. They can be entered into a SatNav or GPS system manually if you are not using our POI file, or can be used with route-planning software.

7. Aire review

All reviews are based on personal visits to the Aire, and in most cases overnight stays and some exploration of the surroundings. In the odd instance where we've visited but haven't stopped overnight we'll be honest enough to say so. All the Aires visited have service points unless otherwise stated. A brief summary is provided at the end of each review, along with suggested alternatives (if available) in case the Aire is full.

8. Page bottom thumbnail photos

These thumbnail images link to my personal geo-located photo gallery at Clicking an image will enlarge it in a new tab/browser and display its exact location on a map. Many of these images can also be found in Google Earth. The photos are usually of the immediate surroundings, or possibly of the wider area. They should give you a taster of what can be found around the Aire if you choose to explore.

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